Medium-term Management Plan

We formulated "Paramount Vision 2030," which describes the type of company we aim to be in ten years in 2030, and new medium-term business plans as the first phase for the four years up to FYE3/2024 and as the second phase for three years up to FYE3/2027 based on that vision.


Smiles for everyone from medical and nursing care to health field

Medium-term plan Phase Ⅰ priority measures

Expansion of current businessess

Fully engaging in Health Promotion Business

Establishing the foundations for change

Medium-term plan Phase Ⅱ direction and focal points

Expansion of recurring businesses

Advancement of Health Promotion Business

Leap forward in key areas of Asia

Medium-term plan Phase Ⅱ Performance Targets

Net sales 120.0 billion yen

Operating income 17.0 billion yen

Operating mergin 14.2%

Recurring net sales ratio in Japan 45.0%


The figures from performance forecasts in this document were prepared based on information currently available as of the date of publication. Actual results may differ from these forecasts due to various factors.