Business Domains


  • Hospital & Nursing Home business
    Medical care business

    Working with medical personnels as a partner of medical institutions to quickly enable patients to return to their normal lives.

  • Home care business
    Nursing Care business

    Working with everyone involved in elderly-care as a partner of healthcare service providers to realize high QOL for everyone.

  • Global business
    Health promotion business

    Realization of a vibrant life by providing an environment centered on sleep as everyone’s partner.

Strengths and Defining Characteristics

As the industry leader in Japan, the Paramount Bed Group can use experience, knowledge and accomplishments spanning many years for superiority involving marketing, market share (about 70% in Japan as estimated by Paramount Bed) and technologies. Furthermore, there are solid ties among group companies worldwide. This interaction generates an aggregate strength that makes the group competitive, profitable and able to maintain a sound customer base.

Strengths and Defining Characteristics