Product safety

Paramount Bed Group takes a diversity of measures to ensure that all users may have confidence in the safety of Paramount products.

Paramount Bed Group takes a diversity of measures from all angles ranging from high-quality product development to the provision of latest product safety information in order to create safe environments enabling every user to handle Paramount products with confidence.

Fundamental concepts of product safety

<Product safety declaration>

Paramount Bed has formulated a product safety declaration as a policy for the proactive provision of high-quality products and services that can be safely used with confidence by everyone.

Product safety declaration

  1. 1:We at Paramount Bed will provide products and services made and rendered wit the highest priority on the safety of people and property and with full consideration of environmental concerns.
  2. 2: In the development, manufacture, and sales of our products we aim to ensure product safety for the entire period of usage until final disposal.
  3. 3: If we judge that we are unable to ensure the safety of a product, we will promptly discontinue its manufacture or sale.

Frameworks to ensure product safety

In accordance with the product safety statement, our efforts to ensure product safety at Paramount Bed involve the entire company. Paramount Bed collects, analyzes, and evaluates quality related information in the marketplace and in coordination between top management and the internal units concerned creates frameworks that enable timely appropriate responses. Product safety information is comprehensively controlled by the quality assurance division.

Hardware-level product safety measures

Paramount Bed products are used at many clinical and nursing care sites, making reliable product safety an overriding concern. Paramount Bed therefore applies its own criteria for product evaluation and for ensuring product safety. Additionally, Paramount Bed endeavors to create safe environments with low risk for medical treatment by developing solution proposals based on the products and services of Paramount Bed.

Knowledge-level product safety measures

If wrongly used, the best clinical nursing and nursing care or welfare care products designed for users’ self-sustained daily life can still pose a risk of accident. Reaching beyond product development, Paramount Bed emphasizes safety measures also in areas where hardware features alone will not suffice, and therefore endeavors to provide in various ways information for the safe usage of its products.