Group principles

Management principles of Paramount Bed Group

Group principles

We Create Comfortable Healthcare Environments through Cutting-edge Technology with a Human Touch


as human, for human

Code of corporate conduct

  • 1:Paramount Bed Group contributes to the enhancement of medical care, clinical nursing, and nursing care environments by providing products and services that satisfy customers through their safety and high quality.
  • 2:Paramount Bed Group understands and observes the laws and regulations relevant to its business activities and the rules of a fair society.
  • 3:Paramount Bed Group appropriately manages corporate information and provides timely and appropriate information disclosures in order to build public appreciation and confidence in the Paramount Bed Group.
  • 4:Paramount Bed Group is committed to the preservation of the global environment and conducts environmentally sound business activities.
  • 5:Paramount Bed Group respects human rights and rejects discrimination of any kind, whether on grounds of race, nationality, gender, age, body, or any other grounds.
  • 6:Paramount Bed Group respects countries’ and regions’ cultures and customs and contributes to the development and furtherance of society.
  • 7:The top management of Paramount Bed Group conducts itself in an exemplary manner in conformity with this code of conduct. In the event of a breach of this code, the top management of Paramount Bed Group at its responsibility takes measures to resolve the breach, identify the cause, and prevent recurrence.